EU facing 'hybrid threats' challenges

Austria Institut fur Europa und Sicherheitspolitik (AIES) (Austria)
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10/06/2021 - 11/06/2021
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09:00 - 17:00
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Vienna (online course) Austria
Overall Aim
The strategic and security environment in Europe has deeply changed these last decades. The disappearance of official Declaration of War doesn’t mean we live in a world pacified. Hybridity has become the rule and not the exception. The development of terrorism, the proliferation of transversal threats impacting all domains and more precisely the Crimea annexation in spring 2014, the Russian actions in the Donbass during the Ukraine crisis, are major and complex security challenges for the EU, its Member States and their allies such as NATO. The course is aimed to prepare military officers and civil servants from EU Member StatThe course will facilitate to get acquainted with diplomatic, institutional, legal and operational issues related to hybrid threats and moreover to security issues at strategic level.
Lectures, discussions and eLearning. In order to complete the course, participants have to accomplish all learning objectives, which are evaluated based on the active contribution in the residential Module, including their syndicate session and practical activities as well as on their completion of the eLearning phases: course participants should finalise the autonomous knowledge units (AKUs) and pass the tests (mandatory), scoring at least 80% in the incorporated out-test/quiz. Active observation by the course director/lead instructor and feedback questionnaire filled by course participants at the end of the course is used.
Learning Outcome
KNOWLEDGE: Identify the extensive nature and diversity of threats; Define the basic notions and concepts related to hybrid threats; Evaluate the strategic impact or risks of hybrid threats on EU MS, missions and operations; Identify the EU and others institutions/agencies involved and their respective roles; Apply an integrated approach to conception and implementation of security strategies at EU level; Describe and apprehend the EU instruments to counter hybrid threats; Acknowledge the cooperation and coordination aspect’s with partners. SKILLS: Identify and distinguish the most important civil and military options implemented, within the framework of CSDP; Analyse and take benefit from the role of the EU capability development and technology response to hybrid threats. COMPETENCES: Be able to further critical views to EU approaches and to the options to overcome problems related to them; Develop a capability to make proposals to CSDP institutional management.
The working language will be English. The course will be preceded by a mandatory e-Learning preparatory phase, which needs to be finalized before the beginning of the course. The details for e-Learning units will be provided by the ESDC Secretariat. A certificate will be awarded to those course participants who have successfully completed the full course, including the e-learning module.
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Advanced Training
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Civilians, Military, Police
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Conflict Analysis and Early Warning, Generic CSDP, Other
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Hybrid Threats
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