About Goalkeeper

The Goalkeeper platform is made of four on-line modules: Schoolmaster, Registrar, Headhunter, and Governor, each one with specific objectives to support civilian capabilities' development and deployment.


In the area of training, the Schoolmaster database is aimed at capturing and making easily accessible at a central location the largest possible amount of information on training opportunities relevant to CSDP and international crisis management for both specialized audiences and the interested public.


The Registrar module is designed to provide EU Member States and the EEAS with a web-based technology that allows

  • the standardized management of civilian personnel for potential deployment to CSDP missions;
  • the electronic management - creation and submission - of applications from Member States to the EU for seconded positions in CSDP missions;
  • the establishment of statistics at national and EU level with a view to civilian capability development.


The Headhunter module aims at facilitating and expediting the production of job descriptions for positions in civilian CSDP missions. A catalogue of Standard Job Descriptions is made accessible to the EEAS in Brussels and human resources officers in CSDP missions as a reference instrument for the creation of mission-specific job descriptions to be published in mission-specific Calls for Contributions.


The stand-alone module Governor is the on-line database of the conceptual documents governing EU civilian crisis management under CSDP and the national measures in the area of civilian crisis management that Member States may want to make accessible to accredited users.

Accessibility, Security and Data Protection

Being targeted to a specific audience, each module has different access policies, which are tailored to the users' role in the CSDP environment. Whereas Schoolmaster is accessible to the general public to easily search for training opportunities, the Registrar and the Headhunter modules are accessible to national and EU bodies and to CSDP missions' human resources officers who need to identify capabilities for CSDP missions. The Governor module will be accessible after accreditation through the European Commission Authentication System (ECAS).

The Goalkeeper is a secured access centralized environment on the Internet. It does not contain any classified information. The main servers are hosted by the DIGIT data centre and the security rules applied are those specific to EU institutions. The software has been designed to ensure data protection according to the provisions laid down in Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995; Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000; Convention 108 of the Council of Europe; and the provisions of the Technical Arrangements specific to each Goalkeeper module.

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Background Information

The Goalkeeper project was started in 2007 in the General Secretariat of the Council. In April 2013 the project was transferred to the EEAS, where it is managed by CMPD 2 - Capabilities, Concepts, Training and Exercises Division - and developed and maintained by the EEAS IT Division. A significant role in the development of the Goalkeeper platform has been played by Member States, who ensured the management of the Project through their seconded experts. On 1 January 2016, also the administrative management of the Goalkeeper Project was fully transferred to the EEAS.

The Mandate for Goalkeeper

  • November 2013 Council Conclusions stress the importance of "further working on tools to help address identified gaps in civilian capability development, including by finalising the Goalkeeper project."
  • November 2014 Council Conclusions on CSDP: the Council highlights "the importance of [...] further developing tools to help address identified gaps, including by finalising the Goalkeeper project."
  • May 2015 Council Conclusions on CSDP reaffirm "the need to finalize the work on the software platform called Goalkeeper."